Hadoop Big Data Developer Training Certification

Hadoop and Big Data Developer Certification Training Course is aimed to ensure that you are equipped to take up Big Data and Hadoop Project in your Job.

Course Objectives

  • Understand Hadoop 2.x Architectural design
  • Master the techniques of Hadoop 2.x framework and its deployment in a cluster environment
  • Schedule jobs using Oozie
  •  Master information loading techniques using Sqoop and Flume
  •  Carry out data analytics using Pig, Hive and YARN
  •  Acquire practical working experience in setting up the various configurations of Hadoop cluster
  •  Work on real-life enterprise based projects using Hadoop 2.x
  •  Learn how to work in RDD in Spark
  •  Setup Hadoop Cluster and write Advanced MapReduce programs
  •  Master advance methods of Hadoop 2.7: Hbase, Zookeeper, and Sqoop
  •  Implement HBase and MapReduce integration
  •  Work on a real life Project on Big Data Analytics
  •  Become an expert at the fundamentals of HDFS and MapReduce framework
  •  Implement Sophisticated Usage and Indexing
  •  Implement best practices for Hadoop advancement
    Who can Join?
    These days, Hadoop has turn out to be a basis of each and every business technology professional. With the numerous Big Data job openings growing and to stay ahead of time in the game, Hadoop has become a must-know technology for the following professionals:    
    •     Any individual with a genuine need for Big Data Analytics
    •    Want to be Data Scientists.
    •    Testing professionals
    •     Mainframe executives
    •     Software developers and architects
    •     Analytics Professionals
    •     Project Managers
    •     BI /ETL/DW and Data Management Professionals
    •     Graduates excited to build a career in Big Data Analytics

        With the On-Demand assistance, you will receive Hadoop and Big Data technical support from industry experts in resolving following queries when you are doing the Big Data Hadoop Developer course.

  •         Related to Hadoop and Big Data technical, installation, administration challenges in Big Data Hadoop Developer training course.
  •        Associated with fixing & completing Hadoop and Big Data Projects, case-studies which are usually an integral part of Big Data Hadoop developer course provided by Stay Green Academy
  •        Related to Hadoop programming whereas solving & completing Projects, case-studies which are usually part of Big Data Hadoop developer course offered by Stay Green Academy

 In case of critical issues, support may possibly be provided by using a remote desktop.

 How to take advantage of On-demand Hadoop and Big Data support?

You could post a query to Stay Green Academy through any one of the channels Help & Support team. Stay Green Academy On-Demand Support will get connected to you to assist with query resolution within 2 working Days
Certification Path
               You can become a Hadoop Expert, regardless of your Technical or Non-Technical background. Basic understanding of Core Java and SQL might help, but surely if you don’t know any, it won’t stop you from learning Hadoop and Big Data Certification course.

 As a complimentary, Stay Green Academy offers self-learning course on "Java for Hadoop", just to freshen up you with Java knowledge.

Projects /  Case Studies / Assignments 

1.Market Positing in Skills Development : 

           You required to work on a bit complicated project, your company received from Canada client. Tasks assigned to you are mainly to analyse a series of data sets, prepare a prudent product mix, product demand and strategy, marketing strategy. Client wants to use this information to ensure its skills which are going to be focused is aligned to opportunities that will grow over the next defined years.

2. Tours and Travelling : 

          You required to working a large scale Project, helping client to understand Revenue Generation Points. The dataset comprises facts like: Key Destinations, couple travelling, Calendar months, Gender and Age Group wise air booking price. Find the following facts from the data based on various dimensions. 1. Most Travelled Destination by country and gender group. 2. Most Connected Tour destination in a given Price range.  3. Most Revenue Generated Tour packages based on Calendars.

3. News Trends : 

            You required to work on Project to analyse the types of News people follow. Time spent on reading and exploring related news options. Data Points by Keywords wise to understand the most frequent used to search News. News following trend by country wise to target relevant news to the users.  Fetch the data into a Hadoop Distributed File System and analyse it with the help of MapReduce, Pig and Hive to find the top rated links based on the user comments, likes etc. Write a fancy Hive Query to analyse the data further and push the output is into relational database (RDBMS) using Sqoop.


Importance of Hadoop & Big Data. Limitation of current situation in market. Evolution of Big Data. History of Hadoop. Solutions offered by Hadoop & Big Data Analytics. Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Cluster Architecture & Modes. Hadoop Core Components. Hadoop Software and Hardware Requirements. Configure Hadoop Services. Configure Single mode & Multimode cluster. Understanding Hadoop distributed file system. Common Hadoop Administrative tasks. Cluster high availability. Using common Hadoop Shell commands.

Understanding MapReduce and its Framework. Understanding Association of MapReduce with HDFS. Working with Data Mode, input splits and Partition using different data sets. MapReduce Architecture & components

Yarn Architecture & its Components. Understanding MapReduce application execution flow. Working with Yarn work flow. HDFS block, Partition, Input splits

Working with MapReduce counter. Using Distributers, MR unit. Manage Cache and Reduce Join. Custom and sequence input formats. MapReduce various Joins.

Usage of Pig. Relation between MapReduce & Pig. Configure and Installing Pig. Using Pig Latin. Various Pig components, Running Modes, Streaming, Testing and Scripting. Data models & Data types in Pig. Pig commands, File loading. Group & Co-Group Operations. Pig build in functions, UDF.

What is Hive? Comparison of Hive vs Pig. Limitations & Strengths of Hive. Hive Architecture & components. Install & configure Hive

Working with Hive Data types and models. Importing, querying of Data Managing outputs of Hive script. Working with Hive UDF. Performing Jorm tables, Dynamic partition, Hive Indexes and Views. Hive query optimization, Thrift server.

HBase Fundamentals. HBase architecture & data models. Data operation using HBase (Insert/Query). Understanding HBase components.

HBase run models. Configure HBase. Deploying HBase cluster. Bulk loading & Filler (performing). Relationship of HBase with Zookeeper.

Why Zookeeper? Roles and responsibilities of Zookeeper. How Zookeeper helps? Managing Zookeeper. Working with Zookeeper.

Apache Spark fundamentals. Understanding Spark Ecosystem. Scala relation with Spark. RDD in Spark. Working with Spark Context and Scala.

What is Sqoop? Importance of Sqoop & Flume. Configure Sqoop components. Configure flume & managing flume. Using Flume & Sqoop in project.

Oozie fundamentals, working with Apache Oozie workflow. Understanding oozie components. Scheduling oozie workflow. Using oozie commands, Web console for MapReduce

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